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INCREDIBLE RICHNESS OF SUMMER LIFE - As I've described in other high-summers, the richness of this time is so visceral, so intensely, physically, in-your-face real, that it is almost hard to believe. Everything is alive - the sky dancing with little lightning-spark Fireflies; the very

air itself is thick with humidity and every kind of flying-insect buzzing around; even the ground is crawling with life-forms all bound on their own inscrutable journey. It seems like every bird on earth is calling, feeding, fledging their young, that every deer has a fawn (like I said - it seems that way) and we’re fairly crawling with bear-cubs. All the trees, shrubs, plants and grasses - whether of field, forest or meadow, pond or swamp - are racing for the sky and/or extending roots as deep and far into the earth as they can right now, while our daytime light is at its maximum - all “making hay while the sun shines”. It also seems that we have an abundance of fauna, but with one glaring exception - Monarch butterflies. So far, I've only seen one Monarch and few have been confirmed locally that I know of. With any luck at all, they just took a wrong turn and, having gotten the correct directions to their ancestral summer-home, are winging their way here right now (I'm such a dreamer).

Too bad, too. It's a good year for Milkweed locally but they look forlorn waiting for their butterfly Kings and Queens. For more on Monarchs, Hummingbirds and other migrators, in general, see and

A MEADOW’S MEMORY - I wonder if, when the Monarchs are in their dormant winter-phase, all huddled together on Oyumel fir-trees high in the mountains of Michoacan, do they dream of their warm, golden

meadows in the north? Do they pass on to their young their memories of Milkweeds known in un-mown fields of, Beebalm, Clover, Goldenrod and Timothy in sunlit lands far afield? If indeed the Monarchs are on the verge of extinction (let's hope that their recent nose-dive in population is just a glitch, a temporary phenomenon), we may never know. Once Upon A Time, after all, many a tawny Monarch and his Queen cavorted in our fair fields, pirouetting above the sere grasses in their timeless dance, to lay their tiny white eggs under Milkweed leaf. Also, being one who believes that the Land has Memory and retains Knowledge, I can't help but wonder what the Meadow must think as the Monarchs fade away. Is it of the passing of one more bit of glory, of joy and wonder, from our world, not unlike the Fairies passing into the Otherworld? I also have to wonder if the meadow will miss us when we, too, pass on. Will we have left the lasting, wonderful impression, in our brief time, that the magical Monarchs have bequeathed to the earth in their untold generations?

Let us hope that the memories that we leave to the fields and meadow, to the forests, hills and streams, are not as those who poisoned and destroyed this wonderful world.

Take Care, “Ranger” Dave Holden


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Violet?). AND I LISTEN.


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