"Dave Holden of Woodstock Trails made a small trail on my property, turning an unused patch into a wonderful path for contemplation and meditation. He knew precisely what I envisioned...then went one step further, suggesting a bench at the ideal resting spot and a railing for stone steps he made that went down a slope. His knowledge and respect for nature is so deep and it's catchy - if you haven't already fallen in love with the trees, the fallen limbs and the earth as he has." 

Jo Yanow-Schwartz

Woodstocker Books (woodstockerbooks.com) 

"To walk in the woods with Dave Holden is one of the treasures of Woodstock. For decades he has explored our local landscape to become more knowledgeable about our wild areas than anyone else. His Native American ancestry, his love of local history, his knowledge of nature, his good humor, and his delight in being outdoors all combine to make a walk with Dave Holden an experience as special as hearing the song of a thrush or smelling the mountain laurels in bloom. He is Woodstock’s best guide."

Will Nixon 

Will Nixon and Michael Perkins are co-authors of "Walking Woodstock" and "The Pocket Guide to Woodstock". 

“Dave Holden of Pathfinder Hikes is the person I contact when I want to investigate an area in the Town of Woodstock, New York, that I have not explored or need to explore further. He is the person I know who is most familiar with backwoods and off-trail areas. His knowledge of both natural and local human history, plus his enthusiasm, make hiking along with him most enjoyable. If you can, walk the woods with Dave Holden.”

Michael Kudish, Professor Emeritus,

Paul Smith’s College Division of Forestry, Author of The Catskill Forest: a History and here did the Tracks Go in the Catskills

August 2, 2012

“Dave Holden is a true asset to Woodstock. His knowledge of the areas’ backwoods and the old roads that weave through them, coupled with his familiarity with local history and lore, has been invaluable to my biodiversity studies of Woodstock. I would easily recommend to anyone to walk Woodstock with Dave.”

Ingrid Haeckel,

Biodiversity Mapping Coordinator,

Hudsonia, Ltd., Annandale,NY

“ I have know David Holden for many years
and hiked with him often.
David is a real enthusiast for the Ulster County region. He must know every trail and maybe every tree and is immersed in our area’s cultural history as well.
I recommend him strongly.”

Robert Titus, Professor of Geology Hartwick College,

Woodstock Times columnist
and author of The Catskills: A Geological Guide

"Dave Holden of Woodstock Trails took a
long-abandoned, overgrown old road and worked diligently and imaginatively to make it into a clean, fun, viable trail for us.  As well as creating the new path itself, Dave thoughtfully added places for contemplation and meditation, knowing that our walkers would like to be able to slow down, to stop and look around at the natural world surrounding them. 

Hopefully, this will help them find inner peace
in a green setting at Menla. 
The Earth and the Sky Thank You,
Dave Holden.
We highly recommend paths
made by Woodstock Trails."


Michael Burbank

Director, Menla

"Dave Holden is an
absolute pleasure to work with.
He is a gifted naturalist for whom

trail-making is a spiritual endeavor.

Dave created beautiful trails that accentuated the natural features of our property. But more than this, he evoked a sense of sacredness on our land. He listened both to what we wanted and to what the land was needing. We feel very blessed to have had Dave work on our property and look forward to planning future trails with him." 

Dianne Weisselberg,

Namaste Sacred Healing Center (NamasteSacredHealing.com) 

“Take a walk with Dave Holden and you will see even the most familiar trail with new eyes. With an expert and inspired guide like Dave, the woods, are haunted by the ghosts of Woodstock’s glory days, and memories of the people who worked and created there hang over them like fragrant woodsmoke. Every walk with Dave is a fresh adventure, leading off into the mountains like an old quarry or logging road toward new and surprising discoveries. Each peak, stream, valley, and byway has its own story, and Dave Holden knows them all!”

Rich Parisio,

Retired NYS DC Trail Educator & Naturalist.