SPIRIT OF SPRING Waghkonk Notes May 29,2019 Some of my Spring observations, of this world and the Other - Ajuga, American Beeches, American Crows, American Hornbeam American (Common) Toad, Ants, Bald Eagles, Barn Owls, Barred Owls, Big Brown Bats, Baltimore Orioles, Barn Swallows, Beavers, THIS IS Beebalm, Belted Kingfisher, Bee-Hawk Moths, Big Tooth Aspeh, Blackbirds, Black-and-white Warbler, Black Bear, Black-cap Chickadees, Black flies, Black Snakes, Black Vultures, Black Walnut, MY CHURCH Bluebirds, Bluets (Forget-me-Nots), Bluejays, Bobcats, Box Turtles, Broad-Winged Hawks, Brown Jack-in-the-Pulpits, Brown Snakes, Brown Trout, Bull Thistle, Bumblebees, Buttercups, Butternut trees, WHERE


The Lady has long since doffed her snowy mantle, exchanging it for her verdant Cloak of Life.As each day goes by, more and more bright-green leaves unfold from the safety of their buds, totake a chance on a new season, and while Spring seems to happen in ultra-slow-motion, its process is as inexorable as an incredibly massive, hemisphere-wide green glacier - a veritabletsunami of new life, oh-so-gradually flooding the land, re-infusing it with the very Life-force thathas been dormant these long months. In other words, Spring has sprung - to the great relief of all. FAUNA The most obvious, visceral explosion of life-forms around us is avian. It seems that each day brings an increasing cacophon

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