Meadow Memory

SUMMER SIMMER Summer came suddenly after the relatively cool, wet Spring, bringing with it hot weather we don't normally see here until late July or August. At least we've had plenty of rain, so hopefully we can avoid last year's drought and fire-danger. If this heat continues, though, with hot southern winds whipping through, there is that possibility, unless we steadily get the right amounts of rainfall. My request (to Life, or Whoever) would be that we have consistent light rains in the night-time only - like in the Islands. That way we could avoid dryness and not disrupt everyday life (further establishing my credentials as a Dreamer). INCREDIBLE RICHNESS OF SUMMER LIFE As I've descr

Ancient trails, old roads and paths to the future

THE ROADS WE TAKE Many of you will mistakenly believe that you know little of old roads and archaic trails. You may even think that they are unusual or even rare. You will be wrong on both counts. You drove or walked here on routes or streets that have been used by many for untold centuries and they are actually very common. They range from the well-known and well-used county, state and town roads to the faint corridor of a remnant old farm road fading into woods that were once a meadow and is now overgrown and the barely-discernible crease of an old quarry-road curving across a modern lawn. While these paths of history indeed surround us, they are disappearing rapidly as towns grow and deve

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